Securing the right products at the right prices, and getting them where they need to be, when they need to be there.  It sounds simple, but our clients know first-hand that the procurement process can be anything but...That’s why clients throughout Africa and Central America rely on Trademerce for their sourcing and purchasing needs.  Our expert team has decades of experience managing the entire procurement process. Expand...

  • We are a fully independent and transparent purchasing agent.  This means that we act only in the interests of our buyers, not our suppliers.  You can have confidence that the goods we purchase are contracted with the best rates and terms.

  • We have the capabilities to purchase a vast range of goods for our clients—everything from perishable foodstuffs (including poultry, beef and pork) to dump trucks to fuel products. 

  • We pride ourselves on fielding special requests, finding tailored solutions, and tracking down obsolete or hard-to-find items.

  • We give high-volume food buyers special access to a vast database with hundreds of thousands of meats, produce, and grocery items.

  • We monitor every aspect of your purchase, including, but not limited to: specifications contracting, packing, shipment, clearance, delivery, and reporting.

  • We’ve worked in Africa and Central America for the last 10 years, gaining a deep understanding of the regions and its many cultures. Good communication is our priority, and we view ourselves as a team working in collaboration with you.

  • Our extensive knowledge of procurement legislation and customs regulations saves you potential headaches and delays in receiving your goods. 

  • We save you time, hassles, and money, giving you the freedom to focus on other priorities in your business.

  • As your procurement partner, our aim is not only to provide the best available products at the most competitive prices, but also to deliver the highest standards of quality, service and integrity.

We’re still doing business with our first customer. Much of our business is conducted on a handshake. We believe in keeping our promises. In fact, our senior partners often travel with our ships to ensure smooth transactions and the complete satisfaction of our clients. You can rely on Trademerce to handle all of your procurement needs. We look forward to earning your trust one shipment at a time.



Trademerce is a NVOCC operator to have a direct line between the United States and AFRICA.  We are recognized for our expertise, experience, reliability and exacting standards in shipping to Africa.  With a vast network of air, ocean and ground freight partners, we can develop the ideal shipping solution for anything you need to transport. Expand...

Although we specialize in moving heavy freight and goods in truckload quantities for trade, commerce and industry, we also provide services to West African nationals, expatriates, and foreign citizens shipping small containers and personal vehicles.  Whether it’s a 40-cubic foot container or 30,000 tons of cement, we can help you get it to West Africa.

Our headquarters are located adjacent to the Port of Wilmington, North Carolina, in close proximity to marine terminals, airports, railroads, and major US highways.  We have 15 ports of call in Africa which are listed below. We also have in-depth knowledge of inland routes and logistics and a reliable network of African couriers for ground transport in Africa.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers.  From the Founding Partner to our forklift operator, every member of the team is dedicated to ensuring smooth logistics and safe transport of your goods.  Senior partners have traveled with our ships’ cargo; we regularly hire our own 24-hour-security to monitor our cargo while it sits in ports of call.  In short, we believe in doing everything it takes to fulfill our promise to safely deliver your goods to their destination.  We look forward to assisting you and earning your trust one shipment at a time.