Ocean Freight

RO-RO Shipping

RO-RO is an acronym for Roll-on/roll-off. Roll-on/roll-off ships are vessels that are used to carry wheeled cargo. The RO-RO ship is different from LO-LO (lift on-lift off) ship that uses a crane to load the cargo.  With RO-RO ships, cargo is loaded and unloaded simply by driving on built-in ramps.  A typical RO-RO ship can hold 4,500 standard size automobiles or 2,500 heavy equipment pieces.

Trademerce’s use of RO-RO ships result in the benefits of speed and efficiency.  Since cars, trucks and heavy equipment can be driven on and off the ship, we load and unload faster.  RO-RO ships also integrate well with containers.  Thanks to pre-shipment inspections and Customs-sealed containers, we minimize delays with the transport of containers via RO-RO ships.

Container Shipping

Full Container Load (FCL)

Our comprehensive NVOCC services provide frequent departures at competitive rates for full container load (FCL) shipments.  Full containers reduce the amount of handling of cargo.  FCL cargo is well protected during shipment thereby reducing the possibility of damage or loss. 

Moreover, since a full container load does not need to be unloaded at ports or terminals, it can be shipped directly to the destination. Thanks to our large warehouse with eight receiving doors and our close proximity to both the port and a major railway, Trademerce is perfectly positioned to handle your FCL shipping needs. 

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

When you don't have enough cargo for a full container, we offer less-than-container load (LCL) services.  Trademerce can offer you space within a container by consolidating it with other customers’ goods.  This delivers economical usage-based pricing while providing the same benefits of shipping frequency and security as a Full- Container-Load (FCL) shipment.  Shipping cargo via LCL means that you receive your cargo without having to wait until you have a full container. 

Break Bulk

Break bulk cargo is cargo that is either handled piece-by-piece or broken into small groups and packed in pallets.  The break bulk method is used for non-containerized freight or for mixed loads where containerized and non-containerized freight is being hauled.  Just as with our LCL service, Break Bulk shipping options allow our customers to benefit from an economical pricing structure.